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Seamless integration of sophisticated style, intelligent design, and unprecedented quality defines a Neuma Door. With 30 years of creative design, research and development, Neuma Doors offers a wide array of the world’s leading fiberglass patio door systems. Neuma Doors backs its strong focus on the development of the newest and most advanced door manufacturing techniques, with a well-trained service and support staff ready to meet the needs of each customer.


Neuma Doors has combined over 25 years of creative design, research and development and production superiority, all of which enables us to offer a wide array of the world's leading fiberglass patio-door entry systems. This level of product excellence has been made possible by the design and development of the newest and most-advanced door-manufacturing facilities in the world. Neuma Doors' unparalleled level of product quality has been reinforced with an unstinting investment in the training and performance of our staff to ensure that the requirements of each customer are fulfilled to the highest level humanly possible.

 Neuma Doors is the industry leader in quality and innovative design of fiberglass and composite doors, backed by the strength and expertise of Nan Ya Plastics Corp. USA. With extensive experience in creative design and production technology, quality control is built into each step of production. Nan Ya Plastics has been awarded with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, which represent internationally recognized sets of standards in quality and environmental management systems. 

Vertical integration and ISO certification means that every step of the production cycle, from the manufacture of the raw materials to the final door assembly, incorporates stringent quality control measures. This tightly controlled comprehensive approach to production allows Neuma Doors to ensure a lifetime of dependability for each door system we sell.

Technical Achievements

The industry-unique quality of Neuma Doors is backed by 15 technical patents. We continually strive to give homeowners a product that complements today’s home designs and will remain beautiful for years to come. Design innovations and the adaption of new materials and advanced production techniques keep us on the leading edge of our industry. Every Neuma Door is crafted from the highest quality composite fiberglass with Hydroshield Technology creating the best combination of performance, durability, security and appearance. Neuma Door Systems are precision engineered to provide protection against water infiltration. The specially engineered composite material will never absorb water, eliminating the problems commonly associated with wood and metal doors. Enjoy the look and feel of a traditional wood door without the concern about rotting, splintering, warping, rusting, mold mildew or delamination.

Select Products we Provide

  • Double Hinged Patio Doors
  • Center Hinged Patio Doors
  • Double Hinged Patio Doors With Flat Grilles
  • Vented Sidelight Patio Doors
  • ¾ Lite Patio Doors
  • Gliding Patio Doors
  • Transoms
  • Impact Series
  • Neuma Classic Doors


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